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Who’s a better driver, mum or dad?

Here at MG we commissioned a study to poll 1,000 kids to answer an age-old debate, who’s the better driver, mum or dad?

Check out the video below to hear the hilarious responses from some of the children questioned. Make sure you keep scrolling down to discover our survey results and find out who is the better driver in the family in the eyes of children, mum or dad?

Results In - Dads come out on top!

Our study of 1,000 kids reveals that most of them believe dads are better drivers than mums with 43% of children surveyed convinced that dads are better behind the wheel, while only 29% voted for mum. Other voters didn’t believe there was a difference between the two. Dads’ parking skills have also won top points, as children have been impressed with their handling of every type of parking there is. They’ve taken the majority of votes in all three categories:

  • Best at parallel parking
  • Best at reverse parking
  • Best at parking in a tight space

And this wasn’t the only result that will make dads everywhere proud. They also came out on top for the following awards:

  • The main driver on family car journeys
  • Best at switching motorway lanes
  • Best at changing a tyre

It’s not all good news for dad

But it’s not all good news for dad. When asked who drives the fastest, mum or dad, kids voted dad as the one who is most likely to ignore speed limits. Dads were also voted as the most likely to show signs of road rage, shouting and getting annoyed at other drivers.


Kids prefer to travel with mum

While our survey revealed that kids believed dad was the best driver in the family, mums have taken the majority of the children vote when asked who they enjoy being in the car with the most. The fact that kids prefer to travel with mum doesn’t come as a surprise, as our survey also revealed that kids believed mum has a better taste in music and is far more likely than dad to join in with fun car games. Mums may not be the most skilled drivers in the world according to children, but they definitely win out as the best companion kids can ask for on a car trip.

Check out our full list of awards where mum came out on top:

  • The family member kids enjoy being in the car with most
  • The family member who plays the best music in the car
  • The family member most likely to join in with car games
  • How does your mum typically act when driving – Happy voted most popular

Regardless of who is a better driver, you or your partner, one thing is for sure, we’d all love it if car journeys with kids were easy. That’s why we created our range of family SUVs to make family travel easier. Inside our SUV models is a selection of top tech from built-in satellite navigation to Bluetooth connectivity and Apple Car PlayTM/Android AutoTM integration. Priced affordably and with an NCAP 5* Safety Rating awarded to numerous models (MG HS & MG ZS EV), our range is perfect for the growing family.

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